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Well, I've gotten to the point where I can read fanfiction of a certain ship without wanting to crawl into a little hole and weep some more. And I haven't wanted to cry over looking at my books, so I guess I'm improving a bit. Watching a JK Rowling interview didn't help much though, so alas. Tomorrow morning at 9 am is the live chat, which will be very exciting just to be in the same chat room as the almighty Jo. Not so lovely is the 9 am part, but eh.

I couldn't think of a question to send in, and then I realized that, stubborn fan that I am, I have no questions for Jo.

If I wasn't such a brainy Ravenclaw, you'd think I would be a Hufflepuff. But not really, because there are like, 231289 holes in my loyalty.

I've been on such an [livejournal.com profile] ac1d6urn kick lately. You must, must, MUST for me at least look at some of her art. Especially the Hands Series *points to the sidebar*. Better yet, read her fanfiction.

I was thinking of all the people who go "oh, woe is the Slytherin house, no one cares or understands them", and I realized that all the houses get there fair share of slander. Hufflepuff is often the forgotten house that people think everyone else who doesn't fit the other three is shelved into, Ravenclaws are 'the smart ones with no life', and Gryffindors are always made to be perfect, when they are just normal too. So, I wrote a drabble about Ravenclaw!

The O.W.L.s are coming this year, which would be hard enough, if it wasn’t for the fact that there will be hundreds of teacher-run tests.

Well, I could start studying tonight, but no, wouldn’t it make more sense to work on this essay now, and then study for these exams later? When will I ever find the time to formulate my preparations for the Ordinary Wizarding Levels?

The Hufflepuffs are inviting us to play a fun game of Quidditch this weekend, but like there will be any time for something as meaningless as that.

Or time for something like living.

*waves farewell*

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