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Four Drabbles. All rated PG. Het and slash.
Fandoms: Pushing Daisies; Chuck; Gossip Girl.
Spoilers: Just up to all the episodes shown so far.

Notes: You will notice that none of these pairings is actually solid, and they all deal with crushes or pre-relationship. The judging is up to you.

Title: Challenge.
Fandom: Pushing Daisies.
Pairing: Future(?) Manuel the floor guy/Olive Snook.

Olive Snook is a weird girl, but there is something about her that seems nice to Manuel.

Perhaps it is her dedication; he has seen the ways she sticks around Mr. Ned. Perhaps it is her caring quality and love for animals. Or maybe it is her smoking rack. Manuel doesn’t know, and doesn’t really care.

Because every night when he comes to clean and Olive is closing, he can see how sad and miserable she is. He can see how she wishes to be with Ned. It would be a challenge to change her mind.

Manuel loves a challenge.

Title: Special
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: John Casey/Chuck Bartowski pre-slash(?)

It takes a special kind of person to kill people for a living.

Major John Casey is great at what he does. Therefore, he must be a pretty special guy. Killing assassins, underground arms dealers, drug runners, and other generally nasty scum of society is what he is paid to do.

Killing people isn’t easy, or guilt free, but the people being bad makes it a bit easier.

But this is Chuck Bartowski. Chuck, you see, isn’t evil. He is a nerdy, amiable guy. It would take a special person to kill him.

Maybe Casey isn’t so special after all.

Title: Family.
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Unrequited Morgan/Ellie and Morgan/Chuck (?)

People think Morgan comes around the Bartowski house out of an infatuation with Ellie, or a friendly obsession with Chuck.

This, you know, is partly true, because Ellie is such a beautiful nice girl with a great head on her shoulders, and Chuck has been his best friend for years.

But that is more of the tip of the iceberg. It is also because Ellie once helped him through his mother’s death, when Chuck was at Stanford and Chuck has the best smile he has ever seen.

More than anything, Morgan (whose own is long gone) just wants a family.

Title: Smile
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Pairing: Unrequited Blair/Serena

Serena van der Woodsen is perfect (in the looks department) and near perfect (otherwise).

People cling to her, radiate towards her, like opposite magnets in science class.

Blair has the same effect, but only on the people she wishes she did not. She remembers a time when Serena attached to her, and Blair was the spotlight.

Half the time, it isn’t that she once was Queen when Serena was gone or that now she is set in the back again. Blair just wishes that Serena would look down from her throne and smile.

Blair thinks Serena has a lovely smile.
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