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I'm sorry with all this Chris/Shaz posting, but they are positively adorable and amazing.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] khallandra for caps.

Without further adieu, my first picspam.

The background is such:

DC Chris Skelton:

& WPC Sharon 'Shaz' Granger:

from Ashes to Ashes are utterly adorable. The are both young in comparison to the rest of the detectives and everyone thinks they are a bit naive. They bond through this.

Here is Chris being all tired of this 'this world is FAKE' shit:

Chris takes a suspect's new and fancy Walkman and gives it to Shaz. She is very happy:

Chris has awesome white pants this series. Very lovely.

The suspect notices the Walkman and makes Shaz very sad:

She expresses this through AMAZING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS (which is a big reason why I LOVE her):

The infamous table scene (not like that, you cheeky pervs):

They are very smooth, as you can tell:

I love this camera work here:

The ultimate 'omgwtgbbq' face:

Shaz really likes hairspray:

Chris is a bit drunk here, but he is still fabulous:

And they have eye sex across the table:

They are undercover, trying to catch some bad guy Alex has been wailing about all episode:

The suspect from earlier kidnaps Shaz whilst she is jamming:

Chris attempts to save her, out of the lurve in his heart:

Chris threatens Alex in a very dramatic way that would make Sam proud:

Gene and the gang go on a valiant quest to stop the drug runners and save Shaz. Chris attempts to dodge bullets. He must have done ballet:

Shaz is understandably frowning up this kidnap attempt:

Gene, Ray, and Chris go to stop this terror and repair Alex's own attempts to 'go home'. Those modern day people have such a dramatic flair:

They save Shaz and she rewards Chris in a special way. Ray wants beer:

Chris shows off that he is so not nervous by shooting the mean suspect in the foot. Yes, the foot:

Thanks for viewing this picspam. Here's a happy Shaz as a present:

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