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So, I've been a bit prolific with the drabbling lately, so I've got a few to post.

House: Move on now if you don't like Thirteen or especially the ship 'Foreteen'. All PGish.

“You look exhausted.”

She turns back to face him, a bit confused as to why he showed up at her door with Thai food and one of his patented half-smiles.

“You really know how to flatter a woman, don’t you?” She’s smiling though, and opens up a bottle of wine saved for some occasion.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you, Foreman. I’m a bitch.”

She’s not making eye contact, and then she almost drops her glass.

“Don’t apologize. Besides, they call me House-lite. I think that means I’m an ass myself, Hadley.”

He steadies her hand and they eat.

She’s asleep when you enter her room at first, and you just wait for a minute. She’ll hear you; she always seems to know about you.

No girl has ever worried you more than she does. Your mother is a woman, in charge of her lack of control over memories and death. This girl is just that, going through everything without a thought for control. She’s wild and you’re wild in worry that one day she’ll overdose on chaos.

You don’t know why; human flaws are a weakness, right? But she’s a negative magnet, and you’re positive.

And opposites attract.

The beep-beep of the dialysis machine alternatively lulls her to sleep and keeps her awake, depending on the time. She’s given the week off with pay, and Cuddy hugs her and apologizes for what happens. It seems insincere, since Remy knows Cuddy doesn’t like her much, but she accepts it.

Kutner and Taub stop by bringing hugs and Taub even twists her hair while telling her how stupid this is, even more so than cocaine. Kutner probably thinks she’s like one of those femme fatals in action movies. Chase doesn’t apologize for his abandonment, but Cameron does for him.

Foreman was the first to come by, and she thinks that means something. He apologizes for leaving the differential behind and she remembers his offer. Sometimes she thinks that, even if nothing else in her life (her life, she thinks hopefully, because she gets to live) is constant, Foreman is.

Wilson apologizes for House and fumbles with his jacket. He makes a few jokes, and she genuinely laughs, but she knows what this is about: Amber. He grabs her hand right before he leaves and tells her to not give up, because not everyone gets her chances. She won’t, not anymore.

The next day Remy wakes up to House fiddling with his cane by her bedside. He notices her staring and opens up, says nothing, and tries again.

“You know, the diagnosis was correct. He’ll be fine, apart for the whole ‘easy target in jail’ thing.

“I don’t really care about him…I’m almost died because of his paranoia…his curiosity.”

Remy’s eyes are still red and she’s damn tired, but she’s not weak. She’s got a life to live, and she’s going to start on the right foot.

Right before House leaves he says, “you did good, kid.”

Yes, yes she did.

Heroes: Character Development pieces, canon pairings only. All PG.

Meredith’s daddy was a bastard. Meredith’s momma died in childbirth, but she could never blame Flint; that would be hypocritical. Flint was her little brother, the person she needed to protect because he couldn’t himself.

They had their abilities, of course. Flint just didn’t know that what he could do couldn’t stop everything. He didn’t have the capability to comprehend that. Meredith could, and so she did.

When she met Nathan the first thing he said was that his little brother was going to be so mad that he forgot to call.

Meredith understood. Little brothers were like that.

Sometimes, Peter sits and wonders about a world where 93% of the population has died due to a disease virtually unstoppable.

He’s not good with the time stuff; it requires more than just brunt power. It takes an intricate knowledge of the space-time continuum. Peter’s no good with that.

Sometimes he thinks about asking Hiro what would happen if you left someone in a future, and then changed that future completely.

But he knows he never will ask him about that situation. Peter’s afraid of what he’ll hear. Because he’s sure it isn’t good.

Especially for the person; for Caitlin.

Peter’s been doing this for years.

Ever since he could talk…even before he could, Peter was able to draw all the negative energy of the room into something more productive; calmer.

Nathan tends to get a bit hotheaded sometimes, but whenever Peter’s around he just grabs Nathan by the head and stares right down and stops it.

Nathan wants to be angry at everything his father’s done, but Peter reminds him like only Peter can that his wife and the mother of his children needs him more than he needs anger.

He needs Peter as much as Peter needs him.

She wonders if it is actually possible to run back time.

Growing up, she visited the comic shop with her neighbor; he was never fazed by the braces, one of the only ones. They would read all about superheroes. Last she heard, Sam had his own comic shop.

Daphne always hated The Flash. He was so lucky; he could run anywhere. He didn’t need metal to keep him going. And in comics he, or Superman (he did everything, the bastard, kinda like Arthur Petrelli), ran so fast they pushed back time.

She’s tried a million times and nothing has happened.

*I recommend you read at least this graphic novel, if not them all, because it is utterly beautiful and opens up a lot about my girl Daphne. All 113 of the Heroes Graphic Novels are linked here.

Thanks for sitting through my creative dump, and I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving, regardless of where you are!
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