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Title: Always in Moderation.
Fandom: House MD.
Rating: Hard R.
Pairing: Thirteen/Kutner.
Word count: 1,370.
Summary: Defibrillator, alcohol, sex, Kutner. A small list of the things Thirteen found electric.
Notes: Written for [ profile] 5_loves, prompt list 4, for the prompt electricity. Spoilers for all of S4, but they are mild.

Handling a defibrillator for the first time, having the ability to bring someone back to life through just those paddles, is an electric feeling (in more ways than one).

The first time Thirteen had ever touched them, in medical school with a highly realistic ‘doll’, was a bit of a power trip. She enjoyed that feeling of being able to shock someone back to life, getting that heart beating faster and faster again and again. Some people take it too far, using them at any time with a bit of a God complex.

Thirteen knew better. Just like drinking, defibrillation was meant to be enjoyed only when necessary, in moderation, and when the other options were just plain crap.

Kutner, on the other hand, was a big drinker and a big defibrillator kind of guy. Someone goes into cardiac arrest and there he is paddles in hand. He liked to scarf down a delicious meal, while she would take her time, teasing those around her with small bites and playful faces. He was out for the thrill, while she was out for the power.

The day started like this: Taub was out sick and Foreman had clinic duty. House was sitting in his office, looking at some porn with an eager Wilson over his shoulder. They were finding it to be either very enjoyable or very funny, but all Thirteen could do was stare at Kutner.

There he was, tapping his fingers against the table in some sort of fast rock beat, his head bobbing and his foot keeping time. Kutner was like a set of drums, loud and wild and something anyone with simple skills could learn how to play.

Thirteen had more than just simple skills. She smirked and caught his attention by placing her hand over his, cutting off ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ sharply.

“Hey, Kutner, I was wondering if you’d be interested in going to that little indie theater downtown. They are showing Bruce Lee films this week. Tonight is Enter the Dragon. You know, we could get some food and chill, since there is no way I could rope anyone else into an action flick.”

“What about House? I’m not declining, not at all. I’m accepting without a doubt, but House seems like an action movie kind of guy…”

She smiled and turned to look at their boss in his office. Wilson had left and now the man seemed to be engrossed in some online gossip blog.

“It would be the movies. With House.”

“Good point. What time should I be ready?”

Her plan was already sliding perfectly into place.

6:04 pm, and Thirteen’s doorbell rings once, twice, thrice in uneven intervals. Someone is impatient. She is almost too giddy when opening the door, and has to chime her face down a notch.

Gone are the slacks, turtlenecks, and suspenders. Her skirt is short and her top is clingy. The lipstick is red, bright, and messy, which will definitely prove interesting later. Kutner is finding it already interesting, looking like this ‘casual’ trip to the movies between ‘friends’ should turn into a fuck fest right there and then.

The car ride could have been awkward, but for someone so keen to hide certain things, Thirteen knows her way around small talk and pre-movie conversation.

“First Bruce Lee movie you ever saw? Please don’t say Enter the Dragon in college.”

“It was Enter the Dragon, but my dad sat me down at ten years old to say ‘Son, this is one of the keys to you becoming a young man’ and watched it with me. He had a whole collection. It was an awesome childhood.”

“My dad did basically the same. He had been expecting a boy, you see. Ah, there it is. Say, where should we head for dinner afterwards? There is this awesome deli down the street from my place…”

The number of people in relation to the space in the tiny little one screen theater was very small. Kutner noticed this with despair as they were getting their seats down in the front.

“All these new ‘action’ movies coming out hold not a single card to the classics, and yet kids just flock to a new Saw movie every year. This is a shame.”

The movie started, the action shown in grainy quality and heard in loud volume. With every kick, punch, grab, and chase, Kutner’s face lit up more and more. By the last quarter of the film, he was gesturing wildly with his hands, knowing all the moves and prepared to impress Thirteen. She looked over at him from time to time, smirk curving at his goofy antics.

The awkwardness had dissipated in the ride to dinner. Kutner was speaking fast and loud, sometimes taking both hands off the wheel to show off his own kung fu skills. Thirteen was laughing real and heartfelt laughs, and added in her own commentary in a somewhat raspy version of her own voice.

Dinner was quick, since Thirteen had a job to do and Kutner seemed to be going along with that job mighty fine.

The car pulled up to Thirteen’s apartment building, slowly. Kutner awkwardly patted his hands on his thighs, smiling and saying things like ‘I had a great time’ and ‘maybe we could do this again’.

“You could come in, Kutner. You know, I have some beer in here. We could chill for a bit, talk about how House looks like a drowned cat on rainy days or why Wilson keeps ducking out of dates with Amber. Good times.”

“Sure. I love beer. I love talking. Um, yeah, let’s do this.”

Kutner could hold his liquor very well, but Thirteen could hold it better.

“How you doing over there, buddy? Looking a little defeated.”

“Oh, don’t you play me like that there, ten plus three. I can totally make it to ten shots.”

“But I’m already on numero twelve. That means I win. You have to wear my pink t-shirt tomorrow, you do you do.”

“Fine, be that way.”

Kutner looked at Thirteen, her lipstick smudged and shirt dangerously low. How, how could anyone deny this girl anything? She was amazing! He needed to give her a gift worth all of her greatness!

He moved, bringing his lips to hers in a flash. She smiled against his mouth and pushed forward, opening her mouth for his tongue.

Soon, the kiss turned to groping, as Kutner pulled off her top and moved his hands down her side. She shivered, moving closer to him in order to better reach his own shirt. They were soon both completely topless, walking in a lip lock to the bedroom.

They didn’t make it. Kutner pushed Thirteen against the wall, pushing her skirt up and panties down. She unbuttoned his pants swiftly, unlike the fumble of other girls. Rolling his hips, she pulled on condom out of her back pocket. Something resonated in his mind that she had expected this from the start, even had the intention of this from the beginning, but it was lost as he entered her, her legs curling around his back and body withering.

He would have been embarrassed that it didn’t take long, but he was more distracted by her slow gasps of air. She was quieter than most girls, but her small chuckles and deep breaths were more erotic than the full out screams his med school girlfriends had been partial to. With one last deep thrust, he came, knees buckling, as Thirteen’s own orgasm erupted with one last ‘oof’.

It had been electric. Nothing like Kutner had experienced before, and he wanted more. Just like that first taste of a defibrillator, he could imagine the power of what he had experienced becoming something he could get used to so much.

Too bad for him, though. Thirteen was one for savoring the moments when they were needed, and as she moved over to the couch, slowly searching for her shirt, she knew her plan had worked. The ball was in her court, with her power. The thrill had nothing to do with her decisions.

“Well, that was interesting. Is it really that late? I’ll, well, see you tomorrow.”

Always in moderation.

Date: 2008-04-15 12:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for reviewing! She always seems to be someone who was hiding a lot, as first shown with the whole Huntington's thing. She just is a very compelling character.

And Kutner is Kutner, which is a great thing.

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